Our relationships with the communities where we operate are critical to our business and fundamental to our core values. We are committed to sharing information, building relationships, and fostering trust with communities that may be impacted by our operations. This is particularly relevant to the five villages located within a thirty kilometre radius of our Bisha Mine. Our goal is to ensure adequate information is shared with these communities in a timely manner and make ourselves available and accessible to engage with them and address their concerns.

Onsite policies at the Bisha Mine reinforce that we conduct our business activities within a framework that promotes worker rights and safety, community health and safety, environmental protection, community involvement and benefits, the quality of life for employees and their families, and to respect requests of community leaders. Our social policies and Social Management Plan are currently in alignment with International Finance Corporation Performance Standards (2006). We are now in the process of updating our Social Management Plan to broadly coincide with the IFC 2012 Performance Standards.