Local residents are encouraged to speak freely with any of our seven CLOs situated within nearby villages to ask questions, make requests or file complaints. We have a formal community grievance procedure in place to register and respond to complaints from people directly affected by our operation in a timely manner. The community grievance procedure is posted in each CLO office and is transparent and simple to understand by the local communities. In 2014, we began the process of updating our community grievance procedure for alignment with the IFC 2012 Performance Standards for Social and Environmental Sustainability. In 2015, we plan to complete this process and operationalize any resulting revisions at Bisha.

The following chart depicts the community grievances that were filed through our formal community mechanism in 2014 and how we addressed or resolved these issues.

Akordat town residents Concentrate trucks speed and excessive dust Built new road to bypass the town
Two Mogoraib residents Claim that some sort of mining-related contamination might have caused the sickness of 6 cows, with 2 fatalities Ministry of Agriculture Sub Zoba Dighe was formally invited to conduct an investigation. A formal letter was received from the Ministry of Agriculture which described the number of sick animals and type of treatment given. The letter stated that 4 cows were reported sick on 21/3/2014 but they became well after receiving treatment. The investigation was confirmed, and it was later agreed by all parties, that the animals' illness was not caused by the mine activities. The illness (locally referred to as "water disease") is common at the time of year and was evident elsewhere. The cattle were located 7km from the mine site and there are no downstream impacts that could account for any illness.
Adarat Administration - stakeholder village Dust generated due to BMSC vehicles near the villages is creating discomfort among the villagers The exploration team was immediately notified and changed the access road to one further away from the village
Sub Zoba Dighe Administration on behalf of nine Mogoraib residents and former BMSC workers Sub Zoba Dighe Administration submitted written complaint that nine workers were laid off without any tangible reason The personnel were casual laborers hired for fixed, short terms and were laid off due to the ending of their contract period. However BMSC rehired them all on 30/0/2014 due to new project work.

LUCY ASMELASH – Senior Geographic Information Systems Technician

Lucy-AsmelashLucy has been working at Bisha for four years in various administrative/data administration functions until landing her most recent job in the technical realm of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). To complement her new work experience, she has embarked on a GIS certification program from Ryerson University in Canada. Prior to her work with BMSC, she worked for many years in Asmara for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs as well as the World Health Organization. Outside of work, Lucy likes spending time with her family and two children, attending coffee ceremonies, reading books about sociology and history, and watching movies.