Our approach to community investment is guided, in large part, by the philosophy of the Government of Eritrea, which envisions that the entire country share in the benefits from resource development, with no particular region benefiting disproportionately. This perspective does not exclude the opportunity for regional capacity building within the context of national societal goals and equity provisions. In 2014, there were no funds allocated specifically towards community investment. However, an inaugural budget allocated towards the CAP (Community Assistance Plan) was approved by the Government of Eritrea for implementation in 2015 and 2016, taking into consideration particular needs identified by local communities, Zoba Gash Barka (regional) development plans, and as recommended within the Nevsun 2014 HRIA (See Case Study below).

Hassina-OmerHASINA OMER –┬áHousekeeper

Hasina has worked at Bisha for over a year and comes from the nearby village of Akordat. Her dream is to one day be a crew leader in the housekeeping department. She is a high school graduate and enjoys spending time after work with her husband and their young son.

Community Assistance Program (CAP) From Inception to Implementation

Much effort was expended in 2014 to obtain initial agreement amongst relevant national decision-makers to approve a specific Company

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