Nevsun is committed to remediating the site progressively throughout the mine life and completing rehabilitation once mining has finished. At the end of 2014, the total amount of land disturbed and not yet rehabilitated was 626.1 ha. The rehabilitation efforts undertaken to date consist of areas being re-sloped and covered with topsoil, 14.5 ha of terrace constructed on the northern waste rock dump, and planting of approximately 20,000 trees (including 11,400 new and replacement trees in 2014).

2014 2013
Total Land Disturbed 626.1 ha 600 ha
Total Land Rehabilitated (in calendar year) 6.8 ha 24.6 ha
Total Land Disturbed (in calendar year) 26.1 ha 52 ha
Remediation and Rehabilitation Expenditures $240,000 $200,000
New area planted 2014 ha Biodiversity offset 16.9
ha Rehabilitation areas 0.0
Total area planted to date ha Biodiversity offset areas 16.9
ha Rehabilitation areas 14.5
Trees planted 2014 seedlings New planting 8,432
seedlings Replacement planting 2,969
Total trees planted to date seedlings New and replacement planting 20,014