The Company recognizes that its activities have the potential to impact the human rights of individuals affected by its business operations. The Company seeks to integrate human rights best practices into its business processes and conducts its business within a framework that promotes worker and community health and safety, environmental protection, community involvement, community benefits and quality of life for employees and their families. Nevsun is committed to responsible operations and practices at its Bisha Mine based on national and international standards of safety, environmental management, governance, and human rights and strives to ensure that the Company’s presence has a positive socio-economic impact to the national economy and the local communities.

Some of the Company’s social responsibility commitments and practices include:

  • Actively promoting understanding by all employees of the culture, language and history of the communities, regions and countries in which it operates
  • Working to protect cultural heritage resources potentially affected by the Company’s activities
  • Conducting activities in a manner that respects traditional-use rights, cultures, customs, and social values
  • Promoting job equity and equal access to employment opportunities for women
  • Maintaining formal human resources practices and procedures to ensure that conscripted labour is prohibited at Bisha, including inspection and audits of national service discharge documentation for all Eritrean workers at Bisha
  • Building capacity by sharing environmental and social experiences and solutions with local communities and regional and national governments
  • Actively consulting with local communities to identify and resolve environmental and social issues
  • Promoting the use of various grievance mechanisms to enable ongoing constructive feedback with workers and communities alike
  • Procuring materials, goods, and services in a manner that enhances local benefits and protects against unethical practices such as child labour and forced labour
  • Establishing social responsibility performance criteria
  • Monitoring and reporting performance to senior management through periodic audits
  • Nevsun has three Board Committees that meet regularly to review CSR performance including:
  • The Social, Environmental, Health & Safety (SEHS) Committee
  • The Audit Committee
  • The Human Resources (HR) Committee

The SEHS Committee meets at least twice a year, the Audit Committee meets at least quarterly, and the HR Committee meets at least annually. Each of these three committees reports their meeting summaries to the Board.

Nevsun has an executive-level position with designated responsibility for economic, environmental, and social topics. The VP of Corporate Social Responsibility provides reporting directly to the SEHS Committee. Our CEO formally reviews and approves our CSR Report; ensuring all material aspects have received coverage.