Nevsun’s ongoing objective is to be a responsible mining company and to provide a beneficial impact to society throughout the project cycle. We continuously engage communities, stakeholders, and government in order to incorporate their feedback, concerns, and ideas on making the operation a more positive factor in people’s lives. A collaborative and transparent approach to stakeholder engagement contributes to Nevsun’s ability to maintain its long term social license to operate.

Member of Parliament (MP) Scott Reid, Canadian Ambassador to Eritrea Dominique Rossetti, and Lloyd Lipsett, human rights lawyer meet with Segen workers to discuss employment conditions

Nevsun was active in 2014 with respect to ongoing engagement with our diverse stakeholder populations. We define our stakeholders as groups or individuals that have a direct, indirect, or general interest in Nevsun’s operations and we update affected groups through regular stakeholder identification exercises. The Company places its greatest stakeholder priority on our employees and the nearby local communities to the Bisha Mine, as well as with the Government of Eritrea.

With the full support of the Government of Eritrea, a few key Canadian diplomatic officials were invited to Eritrea and the Bisha Mine in 2014 and early 2015, which supports our belief to provide transparency in our engagement activities. This included the Canadian Ambassador to Eritrea, Mr. Dominique Rossetti, as well as Member of Parliament Scott Reid, who chairs the Canadian Parliamentary Subcommittee on International Human Rights. Both of these individuals were provided tours of the country, access to various government ministries (including the National Federation of Eritrean Workers), visits to the Bisha Mine, and candid discussions with our stakeholder populations. This exercise was conducted as part of the Canadian Government’s assessment of the in-country situation from an external perspective, and to personally experience how our Company, in collaboration with the Government of Eritrea, is making a positive long-term difference to the country.

MP Scott Reid examines the community grievance process

As part of Nevsun’s ongoing approach to transparency in our engagement activities, a few key Canadian diplomatic officials were invited to Eritrea and our Bisha Mine in 2014 and early 2015.