In 2014 we employed 1,230 BMSC employees in Eritrea and 17 Nevsun employees at our corporate office in Vancouver, Canada.

The gender composition of our BMSC workforce is approximately 80% male and 20% female. Throughout our operation, women are employed in a variety of administrative, technical, and managerial functions and receive the same remuneration for the same positions as their male counterparts.

In 2014, 100% of all our BMSC employees (1,230) received a bi-annual performance review. This included 980 male employees and 250 female employees. This was an improvement over the previous year where we undertook annual performance reviews of our employees.

Our full-time BMSC employees are provided with a suite of benefits to encourage productivity, professional development, and retention. These benefits are developed and maintained by both Nevsun management and the BMSC Board and includes, above average wages, medical services, long-term injury compensation, rotational leave, maternity leave, and professional development. An expanded description of these benefits is located on our website here.

The Bisha Mine continues to experience a high turnover rate for its workforce, approximately 18% in 2014 (2013 – 13%) which equates to 224 individuals in 2014 compared to 157 individuals in 2013. By gender, this figure represents 16% for male employees and 26% for female employees. Numerous factors impact employees’ decision to leave their positions at the Bisha Mine. For permanent (local Eritrean) employees, factors such as better opportunities with other employers in the country or in less remote locations have been a challenge. For expatriate employees, factors such as career opportunities (pay or position) in a different geographical location relative to their home country of residence had an influence during 2014. We also had 24 employees on maternity leave in 2014 of which 21 returned back to their post and three decided not to return for personal reasons (compared to 13 maternity leaves in 2013 with 5 returning back to their post). A portion of our turnover was due to productivity or performance concerns. Those released from their jobs were provided with severance packages as prescribed by Eritrean Labour Law. A total of 257 BMSC employees were hired in 2014 (compared to 197 in 2013); 77% male (2013-68%) and 23% female (2013-32%). Nevsun hired 3 new employees at its corporate headquarters in 2014 (compared to 4 in 2013) – two males and one female – at its corporate headquarters.


Our full-time BMSC employees are provided with a suite of benefits to encourage productivity, professional development, and retention.

In 2014, there was some local departmental worker discontent, however management was able to react in a timely manner to respond to their concerns about discrepancy in the pay rate/salary scale. These issues contributed to a small proportion of those leaving the Bisha Mine work force. Since then, mine management has undertaken numerous steps (i.e. salary review and level adjustment to reflect skill set) to address these concerns to reduce the turnover rate and ensure localization objectives and expectations are addressed. There have been preliminary discussions amongst the Eritrean Federation of Workers regarding the potential introduction of a union to the BMSC workforce, but to date no formal proposal has been made.

We have mechanisms in place to effectively and expediently address employee grievances, including an open door policy that enables employees to communicate their concerns directly to management. The Company will continue to monitor the effectiveness of our grievance processes and the expediency in which management responds to concerns. We have a confidential suggestion box where employees can submit comments and suggestions and these matters are addressed by onsite senior management. Nevsun also has a Whistleblower Policy in place, which is intended to encourage and enable employees and others to raise serious concerns regarding breaches or potential breaches of the Code or about the Company in general without fear of harassment, retaliation, or adverse employment consequence. All submissions or complaints are handled on a confidential and anonymous basis, the latter of which is documented and received by an independent third-party. All BMSC employees are made aware of these grievance mechanisms during their induction process as well as through BMSC Human Resources.