We require all personnel onsite undergo an extensive project safety and environmental induction program. We will not permit anyone to work on our property without graduating from the safety and that environmental induction program and verifying that employment requirements of the BMSC Human Resources Plan have been met. We also require periodic re-inductions at site to enhance safety and environmental performance and reconfirm that all personnel on site continue to meet the standards that we have established.

Employee Training

Employee Training

Our employee training program includes, induction (including human rights aspects of harassment and discrimination), health and safety, leadership, process, mining and engineering, food safety and catering, and systems and software technical service. Cultural awareness training is also provided to all employees and is conducted in an inclusive format between expatriates and the local workforce. In addition, some departments sponsor a monthly team-building event which includes activities to increase knowledge of their fellow workers and enhance cooperation and teamwork amongst the diverse workforce.

We also provide orientation on the Voluntary Principles for Security and Human Rights to the BMSC Heads of Departments as well as to our local security provider, Binae. To date, this has included formal presentations and questions and answers with an international human rights lawyer. The Voluntary Principles for Security and Human Rights will be incorporated into induction training for all workers in mid 2015.




Meeting room in the Bisha Mining Centre

Meeting room in the Bisha Mining Centre

All of our male and female employees have the ability to grow professionally and advance at our operations. We have delivered technical trades and managerial/leadership training courses at our operation and in a nearby community to build local capacity.

In 2014, we enhanced the onsite Bisha training centre to provide local Eritreans with greater levels of training in mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic skills. Despite the emphasis on local employment and training, some expatriate specialists are still required where specific skills are unavailable in the country.

We plan to have our new training facility further enhanced in 2015 to provide additional space for classroom and field based experiences to enable employee growth. Specifically, the focus will be on diesel mechanics, electrical, boiler maker, welding, pipe fitting, and engineering training and to a lesser extent on carpentry, masonry and plumbing.

In addition, we have recently implemented a Company-wide BMSC Personal Development Plan (PDP) initiative for all of the BMSC employees. In order to maximize training and career development opportunities based on employee performance, the training center introduced a pilot training program containing modules that support theoretical learning with a practical logbook. Trainers and supervisors have begun weekly collaboration by supporting classroom based theories with on-the-job training to enhance employees with competency in all levels. This training style works to increase the competency levels of national employees prior to replacing a position held by an international employee in strategic tandem with our Eritrean succession plan for the Bisha Mine.

Undoubtedly, the Eritrean succession plan for the country’s inaugural mine site faces initial challenges between managing expectations of local opportunities for promotion versus meeting stringent experience and performance qualifications.

Scholastic Synergies

BMSC has recently formed an academic partnership with the Eritrean Institute of Technology (EIT), with the aim of enhancing real-world training for young technical professionals. EIT is one’s of the country’s top academic institutes with a focus on science, engineering, and education and has over 7,000 students at its campus in Mai Nefhi, approximately 12 km from the capital city of Asmara. Approximately one third of all students are enrolled in engineering, increasingly related to mining/processing/ mechanical/electrical with the hopes of securing jobs in the country’s emerging natural resource sector. Third year students spend time at Bisha to obtain an orientation of the mining business, and when they reach their final year of studies they return back to Bisha for a more intensive learning instruction. BMSC technical specialists and service providers teach both theoretical and practical lessons to EIT students.